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Welcome to the Aeries online enrollment page for the Mark West Union School District

This online enrollment form is for new students to the Mark West Union School District. If you have a student currently enrolled in a Mark West School Union District school, please exit out of this form. Parents of continuing students will complete Online Data Confirmation to update your student’s information beginning late summer.

Aeries Online Enrollment allows you to quickly start the process of registering a new student for school. Information about your student such as emergency contacts, medical and language information will be collected. Upon completion, the student's information is electronically sent to the district office. The online process typically takes between 20-30 minutes. If you are unable to complete the process in one sitting, you may logout, and resume the process at a later time. 

To begin enrolling a new student click the "Enroll a New Student" button at the bottom of the page. You will be asked to  submit  proof of residency and other required documents, including two copies of a confirmation page when you complete the online process. If you live outside the Mark West School Union District attendance area, you must complete an interdistrict transfer form which can be downloaded from the District Website.  Completion of the online enrollment process does not guarantee placement into a Mark West Union School District school. All enrollments are reviewed once the required documents have been submitted and verified by district staff. 

When can I enroll for my TK - 6th Grade Student for the 2021-2022 School Year?

Online Enrollment for NEW students in grades TK-6th is NOW OPEN!  Enrollments will be entered as “Pending Enrollments”.  Only enrollments submitted through the online enrollment process will be accepted.  Due to COVID 19 protocols, parents enrolling NEW students in grades TK-6th for the 2021-2022 school year, must submit ALL required documents by placing them in a sealed envelope and dropping them in the secure, black drop box located at the front of the District Office at 305 Mark West Springs Rd., Santa Rosa or by emailing them to Marcia Noxon at mnoxon@mwusd.org. Required documents will not be accepted in person.  To complete the online enrollment, please print, sign  and return 2 copies of  the confirmation  page and all required documents.   If there are questions regarding the documents once they have been reviewed by the district, you will be contacted. 

NOTE: The enrollment period for Mark West Charter (grades 7th and 8th) has closed.  If you have questions regarding enrollment at the Charter School, please contact Nikki Dale, Office Manager, at 707.524.2741.

      As a safety measurement for staff and families, enrollment documents will not be accepted in person due to

COVID 19 protocols.